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      Cop fires at dog, hits kid :: TSA dog rejects :: Cops taze 87 year old woman :: Mad cop calls in :: Activism critique :: Catholic Church molesters :: Cody Wilson :: Crypto advice :: Firearms :: Mark and Darryl
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Dr. Rand Paul birthday bomb today!

Dr. Rand Paul, candidate for US Senate in Kentucky

In honor of his father’s Ron Paul’s 75th birthday, Rand Paul’s campaign is having a birthday money bomb today.  Please check out his campaign’s website here: http://www.randpaul2010.com Dr. Rand Paul is an opthomologist who is running for Senate in the blue grass state, Kentucky.  As a liberty candidate, he crushed his neo-con elected opponent in the Republican primary and is currently in the lead in the polls against  the Democratic candidate.  To win this election, he’ll need to continue having all the support that he can get to fight back against the plethora of attack ads from the liberal media.  If we can get him into Congress with his father, the Pauls will be a liberty force to be reckoned with and to be feared by all big government statists.

Here are just some of the reasons Rand Paul wants to run for Senate, from his own email:

  • I will never, ever vote for a taxpayer bailout of a private industry. Whether it’s big banks, automakers, or any other industry — you succeed or fail on your own.
  • I will not vote for an unbalanced budget. I will not vote for a tax increase. Ever.
  • I will fight for new rules like a Balanced Budget Amendment and Term Limits.
  • I will not take ANYTHING off the table in the fight to balance the budget. Anyone who says something like they will “freeze non-defense discretionary spending” is blowing smoke at you and hoping you won’t notice. That would balance the budget — MAYBE — in about 80 years.
  • We have to keep our promises to seniors and keep our country strong, but every area has things that can be cut. Every agency has things that are duplicative or that could be done better or cheaper.
  • I will propose and force a vote on an Enumerated Powers Act, to force Congress to point to the part of the Constitution that justifies their bills.
  • I will fight for the Bill of Rights. Democrats often love the 4th amendment. Republicans the 2nd. I will fight for them all, which means fighting for your free speech, gun rights, and civil liberties. Laws that infringe on ANY of these make the federal government more powerful, and we cannot continue to allow that.
  • I will not allow our troops to be the world’s policeman, and I will force a vote on a Declaration of War if any President seeks to commit our military to battle.

Rand Paul Tea Party Money Bomb Today!

Today there is a money bomb for Rand Paul’s campaign and you can donate on the main website here http://www.randpaul2010.com/.  For those who don’t know, Dr. Rand Paul is an opthemologist who is running for Senate on the Republican ticket in Kentucky and is the son of Ron Paul.  The significance of chosing today as the money bomb is that it is the anniversary of the Boston Tea Party, a very important event in our history that eventually lead to the Revolutionary War.  Also, this was the date two years ago when Ron Paul’s presidential campaign broke the online one day fundraising record by having a money bomb that brought more than 6 million dollars in, putting his campaign on the map.  So far Rand Paul, who has never had a career in politics, has surprised the establishment candidate Trey Grayson by not only out fundraising him, but also pulling ahead of him in the polls.  Electing him to Senate will not only be a big blow against the status quo, but it will be a big victory for the cause of freedom.

Rand Paul’s first money bomb is tonight!

Rand Paul, also a doctor, is Dr. Ron Paul’s son and is running for senate in 2010 representing  Kentucky.  The first official money bomb is tonight and they are hoping to raise $50K (they’re very close to meeting their goal).  More info about it here: http://www.humblelibertarian.com/2009/05/june-1st-rand-paul-money-bomb.html

Rand Paul June 1st MoneyBomb