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    • Republican Liberty Caucus of Missouri Hosts Hemp Association’s, Eapen Thampy
      On March 16th, MO RLC held a statewide meeting in Columbia, MO. Eapen Thampy of the Missouri Hemp Association gave us an update on the promising potential of medical and agricultural hemp and related legislation in the state. Former presidential and senate candidate Austin Petersen spoke about the rise of white national socialism in the […]
    • RLC of Colorado Hosts Mayoral Candidate Forum
      RLC Colorado was a sponsor of the Denver Mayoral Candidate Forum on Monday March 25th.  It was a great event that had close to 250 people in attendance. The Republican Liberty Caucus of Colorado will not be endorsing in this race, but follow us at rlcco.org for a recap of the forum. The April meeting […]
    • Republican Liberty Caucus Welcomes New Massachusetts State Charter
      On February 28, The Massachusetts Chapter ratified its bylaws and elected its board. The executive board members are Dave Collins- Chairman, Steve Tougas, Vice Chair and acting clerk, and Steve Fruzzetti- Treasurer. The National board of directors in turn approved charter status for the chapter. These are indeed exciting times for Massachusetts Republicans. […]
    • Republican Liberty Caucus Announces Support for Federal Reserve Transparency Act (H.R. 24)
      The “Audit the Fed” bill has been reintroduced to both chambers of Congress in a joint effort to prevent the Federal Reserve from masking important operating information from Congress. The bill would allow the nonpartisan, independent Government Accountability Office (GOA) to conduct a complete audit of the Federal Reserve Board of Governors and reserve bank […]
    • RLC of Florida 2019 Liberty Lobby Days A Tremendous Success!
      Thirty plus RLC members from all corners of Florida descended on Tallahassee March 11th and 12th for what many are describing as our best “Liberty Lobby Days” trip ever. These members enthusiastically supported our 2019 Legislative Agenda in one on one meetings with legislators from their home districts, in large group meetings with various members […]
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    • Free Talk Live 2019-06-15
      Forkfest Day Three of Five - Tanker Bombings in Gulf of Oman :: Limpet Mines :: US Govt Telling Lies to Get into War :: Iranian Government History with US Involvement :: High School Valedictorian Tears up Bureaucrats in Speech :: Day Prisons :: Crosby, Owner of Rogers Campground :: Free Stater Book :: Assange Extradition Process Moving Forward :: Building a […]
    • Free Talk Live 2019-06-14
      Forkfest Day Two of Five - Anypay Dome Construction :: Crypto and Internet Access :: Vincent's First Libertarian Camping Festival :: Facebook "Crypto" :: Defining Cryptocurrency :: What is blockchain? :: Forkfest 2020 Plans :: Tick Conspiracy :: Fear and Government Control :: HOSTS - Ian, Vincent, Aria
    • Free Talk Live 2019-06-13
      Forkfest Day One of Five - Welcome to Forkfest! :: First Experiences :: Bug Racquets and Agora Market :: Central Authority :: Centralization :: McAfee vs US Govt :: McAfee Dishonest :: Advertising and Honesty :: Cryptocurrency Crackdown Coming - Hosts, Ian, Rich P., Aria, Vincent
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Ron Paul’s big week

Black this Out, October 19th

This is going to be a big week for Ron Paul.  Yesterday he just unveiled his new budget proposal, dubbed the “Plan to Restore America,” which will cut $1 trillion in the first year of his presidency, abolish five federal apartments, end the wars, cut taxes, balance the budget in three years and last but not least, reduce the presidential pay from $400K to $39K, which is the median income per worker in America.  For most libertarians, that’s a good start.  Hopefully abolishing the IRS and the income tax will come after that.  But in all seriousness, Paul is one of the only presidential candidates who is taking a critical look at our fiscal situation and has a plan that takes steps to reduce our debt burden immediately.  Most candidates want to tinker with small details (ie. no more earmarks!) or just give empty rhetoric, but Paul has a solid plan to get the economy out of the crapper and restore our freedom.

The other big event this week is Ron Paul’s “Black This Out” money bomb on October 19th, which plans to be the biggest fundraising day for Paul all year.  The name is meant to be a sarcastic reference to the way Ron Paul is being treated by the media, who have been following a golden rule: pretend Ron doesn’t exist.  Many online blogs are promoting this Money Bomb by putting black censors boxes over their avatar’s faces (such as the image above), or striking out Ron Paul’s name in blog or twitter posts.  The grassroots have been sick and tired of the intentional disregard of Paul as a serious candidate, despite him winning most online debate polls and many straw polls such as the California GOP and Value Voter poll in DC.  His coverage out of all candidates has been dead last, despite his polling numbers having him consistently in third place, or second place is certain early primary states.  This new study by the Pew Research Center’s Project for Excellence in Journalism has vindicated our complaints.