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    • FTL Digest 2018-09-16
      Free Talk Live's Daily Digests feature highlights from our full-length seven-day-a-week live radio show, selected and edited by Riley Blake. Enjoying the digests? Please donate $5-10 per month to Riley via this link: https://www.patreon.com/crblake86 If you want to donate via Bitcoin Core (BTC), you can do so at the following address: 1NytDNA14UcYsvzX5D […]
    • Free Talk Live 2018-09-17
      First-Ever Transgender Candidate for Sheriff :: Free Stater Restaurant Robbed :: Presidential Cell Phone Alerts :: Trump Judge Appointee Rape Allegations? :: Statute of Limitations :: Financial Abortions :: Female Sex Drive :: HOSTS - Ian, Mark, Melanie
    • Free Talk Live 2018-09-16
      Assault weapon ban :: Marijuana arrest :: Government study shows guns reduce crime :: Spending on Public Ed yields scant result :: Loving your job :: Cities on the Moon :: Another micro nation :: Mark and Chris
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    • The Next Economic Hurricane Will Be a Category 5 – Ep. 389
      RATE AND REVIEW this podcast on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/PeterSchiff/reviews/ Making the Rich Pay Julia Salazar, another Democratic Socialist defeated Martin Dilan in the NY Senate primary.  The only reference to taxes on her website was to “make the rich pay their fair share”.  That’s it.  Nothing about what specifically she wants to raise, by how […]
    • Buying Bitcoin is like Buying Air
      The commentary below is from Peter Schiff, Chief Economist and Global Strategist of Euro Pacific Capital and author of the The Real Crash: America’s Coming Bankruptcy. Please feel free to excerpt what you like with proper attribution. To speak with Peter, please contact Andrew Schiff at 203-662-9700 ex. 135 or aschiff@europac.net. On Sesame Street they teach […]
    • Yes to Socialism Means No to Freedom – Ep. 388
      CHECK OUT Buying Bitcoin is Like Buying Air https://youtu.be/XmMQAuO62gI Another Round of Tax Cuts Now the Republicans are talking about another round of tax cuts. Just in time for the November election. Whether or not these tax cuts actually get passed is anyone’s guess, but it will be an issue on the campaign trail, either […] The post Yes to Socialism Mea […]
    • What Are Investors Smoking? – Ep. 387
      CHECK OUT Buying Bitcoin is Like Buying Air https://youtu.be/XmMQAuO62gI GM Hit New Low for the Year If you want to look at some of the signals you’re getting from the markets, look at the automobile stocks: General Motors and Ford, which are basically the only 2 automobile companies we have left. (Chrysler is now owned […] The post What Are Investors Smokin […]
    • Fake News Runs the Gamut – Ep. 386
      Another Bear Market Before the Election The odds are that we are going to have another bear market and we’re going to have another recession and the odds are that both are going to start before the next election. What are the odds that Trump can be re-elected if we are in a recession and […] The post Fake News Runs the Gamut – Ep. 386 appeared first on Schif […]
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