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    • Free Talk Live 2015-05-04
      DARE Posts Satirical Story Claiming Deaths From Eating Cannabis :: DARE Stories :: Posting Corrections :: Drug Addiction :: Busting College Kids :: Kidney Donor in Federal Hot Water :: Living With One Kidney :: Should it be illegal to sell organs? :: Egg Harvesting :: Forcefield Stock in Question? :: Derrick J Open Carry Case :: HOSTS - Ian, Mark, Derrick J
    • Edgington Post; Barry Estabrook 2015 - 05 - 04
      Barry Estabrook talks about what he learned about industrial pig farming in the US. http://www.amazon.com/Pig-Tales-Omnivores-Quest-Sustainable/dp/039324024X&tag=freetalklive-20
    • Free Talk Live 2015-05-03
      MDMA Scientific Study :: MDMA for Therapy :: Drug Addiction and Legal Drugs :: NYPD Cop Shot :: Poor, Dumb People More Likely to Have Kids :: People Going Crazy Smoking Flakka :: Scary Bath Salt Story :: Mushrooms :: When to Call Police :: Venezuela Rations Power :: Socialism :: Virtual Reality
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    • Bloom Rapidly Coming Off Recovery Rose – Ep 80
      Upcoming Appearances Thursday morning panel at the SkyBridge Capital SALT Conference in Las Vegas Liberty Forum – Salt Lake City MoneyShow – Las Vegas Economic News for the Week: March Factory Orders met expectations, but downwardly revised February number for 5th straight year-over-year monthly drop March Trade Deficit: $51.4 billion, a miss greater than $1 […]
    • Spring Has Sprung, But U.S. Economy Still Snowed In – Ep 79
      Markets on roller coaster ride final two trading days of this week Bad news parade marches on in April The players are still clinging to fantasy of U.S. economic recovery Dollar finished down substantially on the week – April was the first down month in 10 months Dollar has seen its highs and is heading […] The post Spring Has Sprung, But U.S. Economy Still […]
    • Will the Fed Run Out of Excuses as the Weather Warms?
      Government’s first look at Q1 GDP There was a lot of optimism around Q1 with expectations above 3% Actual GDP was 1/5 of expectations at.2% The rest of the story of Q1 GDP: The deflator this time was negative – meaning that prices dropped by .1% The last time the deflator was negative was 2009 […] The post Will the Fed Run Out of Excuses as the Weather Warms […]
    • Minimum Wage, Maximum Stupidity – Ep 78
      The Keynesian myth of mandating prosperity actually hurts the lower middle class and the working poor Something for nothing is appealing to voters, so politicians make empty promises that are good politics but bad economics A Seattle-based company called Gravity Payments has instituted a minimum salary of $70,000/yr This has given him great publicity, but [… […]
    • Do the Swiss Envy Canadians Paying Higher Prices? – Ep 77
      S&P and the NASDAQ made new record highs Stock market continues to ignore all the bad news about the economy Bad news is not being ignored in the foreign exchange markets Negative economic news is buoying the stock market because it removes fear of interest rate hikes Weak economy means more cheap money which means […] The post Do the Swiss Envy Canadian […]


The reason for my blog is to share everything I’ve learned about the “Freedom Movement” ever since I woke up and opened my eyes to the true nature of politics and the state of our country. Like Neo in the Matrix or the prisoner who escapes Plato’s cave, the moment I woke up and realized the truth, there was no going back. I am now strongly compelled to spread these simple and powerful ideas and wake up as many people as possible. This website is not only meant to be a tool for spreading the fundamental message of freedom, but also a one-stop destination for those who thirst for knowledge. This is a portal to everything related to politics, from news sources, to podcasts, and any other form of media. If this is your first time to the site then some of these ideas might appear as “radical,” but if you look closely at what our Founding Fathers espoused, then it’s no different than what our country was founded on and what brave patriots fought and died for to set our country free.

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