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      Free Talk Live's Daily Digests feature highlights from our full-length seven-day-a-week live radio show, selected and edited by Riley Blake. Enjoying the digests? Please donate $5-10 per month to Riley via this link: https://www.patreon.com/crblake86 If you want to donate via bitcoin, you can do so at the following address: 1NytDNA14UcYsvzX5DHhzowGCqNou […]
    • Free Talk Live 2017-12-14
      Michigan State students find $21T in unauthorized spending :: DoD to conduct first ever departmentwide audit :: Reasons for high government spending :: Trump wants the federal government to use cloud-based services :: Government effenciency :: Ricky ordered pizza :: Ricky is now southern :: Trump wants to go to the moon :: Space travel :: Sarah says there wa […]
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    • Yellen Proclaims It’s Different This Time – Ep. 309
      Expected Rate Hike Today the Federal Reserve did exactly what everybody expected them to do, they once again raised interest rates by just one quarter of one percent.  This is the third rate hike of the year; this is the fourth rate hike since Donald Trump was elected President and the fifth time the Fed […] The post Yellen Proclaims It’s Different This Time […]
    • CNBC Becomes Crypto News BitCoin – Ep. 308
      Bitcoin Week I’m going to devote today’s podcast to bitcoin; I might as well just talk about bitcoin because that’s all anybody else is talking about.  On CNBC that’s pretty much all they are talking about; they said it is “BitCoin Week”.  It sure sounds like it.  I think they should just rename the network: Crypto […] The post CNBC Becomes Crypto News BitCo […]
    • Trump Continues What He Once Called the Biggest Hoax in American Politics – Ep. 307
      A Nonfarm Payroll Beat Today the labor department released the November jobs report –  Nonfarm Payroll –  of course Wall Street always highly anticipates this number; all the politicians, Donald Trump was ready to tweet as soon as the data was released.  The expectation was for 190,000 jobs and we beat, with 228,000 jobs. An […] The post Trump Continues What […]
    • Fake Tax Reform
      By: Peter Schiff, President and CEO Euro Pacific Capital After supposedly chomping on the bit for years to pass meaningful tax reform, Republicans are now set to blow an historic opportunity. Whatever version of the Bill that emerges from the House and Senate Conference Committee (which will be signed by President Trump faster than he can […] The post Fake T […]
    • Another Trump Flip Flop – Ep. 306
      Trade Deficit Moving Higher as Economy Slows Down Yesterday we got the release of the October monthly Trade Deficit and we got a trade deficit of $48.7 billion dollars.  That was a little bit North of the $47.4 billion expected in the consensus forecast.  In fact, the prior month, which was $43.5 billion was revised upwards to […] The post Another Trump Flip […]

Dave Stockdale comments on Santa Barbara’s public pensions

A recent commentary by former Congressional candidate, Dave Stockdale, has been published by the Santa Maria Times discussing public pensions in Santa Barbara county (it can be found here).  Due to a recent SB county civil grand jury inquiry which divulged 2009 salaries and benefits to public employees (which can be found here: http://www.sbcgj.org/2011/CompensationSurvey.pdf), a lot of revealing information has come to the fold.  On average, not only are salaries slightly higher in the public sector than in the private sector, but when factoring in pensions the comparison is completely thrown in favor of public employees.  Many of these pensions would be equivalent to a 1-3 million dollar 401 K plan in the private sector, which is completely unattainable for most middle class employees even if they work for 40-50 years and hold10 percent of their paychecks for retirement.

It’s time these dinosaurs of pensions go extinct. It’s a relic of the past and is financially unsustainable for our economy. I’m sure it was great for those public employees who got in while they could and retired early. But nowadays people have to be realistic and take the initiative to plan for their own retirements. I’m all for personal responsibility and taking care of your own retirement via a 401K, personal investments, ect. (I’m young so I’m not going to add social security into my plans because it will be bankrupt before I retire).

Salaries are just a portion of the equation, and benefits such as health care and pensions can’t be ignored. It’s a lot easier for politicians to entice employees with better pensions down the line because they will be long gone from the office before the day of reckoning comes. Thus, a moral hazard is created between this incestuous politician / union relationship. When the public realizes it can always vote for the politician that offers them the most goodies from the public treasury, a democracy will soon collapse. One of the many reasons why our Founders loathed democracies.


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