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Peter Schiff and the Connecticut Republican State Convention Snub

It looks like it’s politics as usual in the state of Connecticut.  One of the most corrupt politicians in the government today, Senator Dodd, has decided not to run again for reelection because he knows that people have finally caught on to his skulduggery and he’d have no chance in hell.  The Republicans know that this year is the time to strike back, and to replace him they want another establishment candidate who has got the name recognition and the money to back it up, enter Linda McMahon (wife of Vince McMahon, owner of the WWE).  Her campaign has spent an obscene amount of her own personal money to buy support of the delegates of the Connecticut Republican State Convention and to swoon the Republican establishment.  The establishment knows that McMahon can cooperate with them and it will be politics as usual.  Schiff, on the other hand, will be a renegade in the senate and not follow suite with the establishment.  His understanding of economics is leagues above most politicians and his goal will be to turn around this country’s ship before it sinks in a financial disaster and to educate people in Austrian economics and common sense politics.  Despite not having the same name recognition as the two other candidates in the race (unless you follow financial news shows or are in the freedom movement), Peter Schiff was able to get endorsements from many of the Connecticut grass roots and tea party groups.  Sadly, McMahon and the Connecticut Republican establishment have been spending tons of money on attack ads on Schiff running up to the convention, casting him in a negative light because of his background as an investment banker and financial consultant.  Once the state convention came around, McMahon’s well funded campaign and strong arm tactics managed to buy off and corrupt many of the delegates pledged to vote for Schiff.  Once the first vote was cast, only the two establishment candidates came out in the lead and won endorsements from the state convention to get their names on the ballot in August.

However, Schiff is not going to throw in the towel because of the state convention results and is vowing to get his name on the primary ballot by starting a signature collecting campaign throughout the state.  If he succeeds in getting his name of the ballot, he believes his status as the dark horse, outsider candidate will be beneficial to him since most people this year are electing not to vote for incumbents or the establishment candidates (for instance, look at Rand Paul’s victory over Trey Grayson in Kentucky).  For more information from the horse’s mouth, feel free to watch the video below.


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  2. […] Peter Schiff and the Connecticut Republican State Convention Snub […]

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