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End the Fed Rally! (April 25th)

Tomorrow (Sat), April 25th, there will be nationwide End the Fed rallies in front of every Federal Reserve branch across the country.  The primary focus of these rallies is to spread public awareness of the Federal Reserve and to gain support for HR 1207 (Auditing the Fed) and HR 833 (Repealing the Federal Reserve Act).  This will be the second national End the Fed rally following the last one on November 22nd which I attended in LA.

Since I had a great experience at the last rally, I’m really pumped up and excited to attend the one tomorrow in LA.  Having somewhat low expectations at the last one, I ended up being pleasantly surprised to have my expectations blown away when I came and saw about 300 people gathered around the Fed yelling on bullhorns, playing the drums, giving out handouts, and waving signs.  The energy there was electric!  One guy even came dressed as George Washington and was holding up a sign saying “I quit!” with a picture of the dollar crossed out.  It was quite the site.

The first part of the rally was at 11 AM in front of the Federal Reserve branch in downtown LA, and this was largely a ceremonial effort for our own benefit and to get us fired up.  We circled the entire block around the Fed and marched around several times waving signs and chanting different slogans.  Then Steven Vincent, the coordinator of the End the Fed, gathered us all in front of the Fed and gave a short speech to fire up the crowd.  At the height of the moment, someone yelled “Burn the FRN!” (Federal Reserve Note) and pulled out a dollar bill and burned it in the middle of the crowd.  This was followed up by several more people burning their FRN’s, a symbolic act to protest the Fed’s stranglehold over our currency.

After the rally in front of the Fed, we had lunch and then drove to Hollywood and Highland in the heart of LA where there would be bigger crowds of people.  By the time we arrived at the corner of our destination, a “No on Prop 8″ group was already there protesting for gay marriage rights, so we staked out another corner and began waving our signs, handing out fliers, and chanting “End the Fed!”  Eventually the “No on Prop 8″ group moved away due to our overwhelming size and we were able to rally on all four corners of the intersection.  Standing on the boulevard of stars and waving my End the Fed sign while all sorts of interesting street “performers” and tourists walked by us was quite surreal for me and I have never experienced anything like it before.  But at the same time it pumped me because of all the energy from our group and from the unique location.  Every now and then, I had a brief thought of the other End the Fed groups across the country in cities like Detroit, Chicago, and New York where people were protesting in frigid temperatures, and here we were in Hollywood protesting in shorts and t-shirts.  It made me glad I lived in California!

Overall I felt like our last rally went really well.  Although we were in a city with some of the most jaded and superficial celebrities in the US, we did manage to educate a lot of people who didn’t even know what the Fed was or who thought that it was a public government entity.  During the last rally it seemed like we were fighting against great odds in order to meet our goal, but now it seems like our movement is gaining momentum.  With the new Congress in session, Ron Paul has introduced two new Federal Reserve bills, HR 1207 to Audit the Fed and HR 833 to Repeal the Fed (there is also a concurrent bill in the senate).  Due to the hard work of many patriots and the global economic crisis opening people’s eyes, the unprecedented has happened in that HR 1207 has been gaining a lot of support and is up to 88 cosponsors as I write this, 33 just signing on this week!  The bill has just moved to committee to be discussed, and the leader of Financial Committee, Barney Frank, is also a supporter so it looks like that there’s good odds it will make it to the house floor for a vote.  Therefore, our goal is becoming much closer, and we are going to try to continue pushing forward this incredible momentum tomorrow and on into the future.

Best of luck to the other End the Fedistas out there protesting across the country!  The end is near for the big banksters…

Here’s a video I took of the End the Fed rally last November 22nd in LA:



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