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The infamous MIAC report completely retracted

For those “not in the know,” recently there has been a lot of controversy over a report leaked by the Missouri highway patrol titled “The Modern Militia Movement.”  The report, issued by the Missouri Information Analysis Center (a division of the Department of Public Safety), profiles supporters of presidential candidates Ron Paul (Rep), Bob Barr (Libertarian), and Chuck Baldwin (Constitution) as dangerous militia members and links most conservative groups with domestic terrorism.  MIAC prepared and distributed these reports to law enforcement agencies across the state.  Once the report was leaked on InfoWars and Alex Jones’ radio show, it quickly spread to many sites associated with the freedom movement such as Break the Matrix, The Campaign for Liberty, Restore the Republic, The Smoking Argus, and even The Liberty Roundtable show on the Accent Radio Network.  Obviously, people were in an uproar over the MIAC report and called on the governor of Missouri to reject it and demand accountability over who wrote it.  All the presidential candidates mentioned in the report also wrote letters to the governor of Missouri expressing their anger and concerns.  Initially the governor was in denial, but as public opposition continued to increase, making the state look worse and worse, he began to relent.  At first, the Department of Public Safety Director John M. Britt retracted the portions that noted third party and Republican presidential candidates by name and sent letters of apology to the politicians.  But soon after, the Missouri Highway Patrol completely retracted the report and is now opening an investigation into the origin of the report. 

This is being viewed as a major victory in the freedom movement.  It has shown that pressure has worked (as well as public embarrassment) and the people were able to defeat the tyrannical bureaucracies of Missouri and demand accountability.  Of course, I was happy to see emails about the report being retracted and won’t downplay the achievement one bit.  But as one host of the Liberty Roundtable radio show said, “this is like a football game where we just scored a touchdown and two-point conversion, but the score is still 8-100.”  We must take this victory in stride and keep fighting to get back in the game and make it close.  Those who issued the report will keep trying to undermine our movement, so we must always remain vigilant and keep fighting against tyranny and injustice.

As a parody of the MIAC report, the Smoking Argus has issued its own report called “The Modern Tyranny Movement” that can be found here: http://smargus.com/2009/03/the-modern-tyranny-movement-smiac-report/.  This covers the history of modern day tyranny in America, going back to 1913.  Although it was meant to be a parody of the MIAC report, it is quite serious and a good read nonetheless!


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