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Socialism doesn’t work. Take it from an expert…

Coming straight from the horses mouth… (ARTICLE HERE)

The prime minister of Russia, Vladamir Putin, is warning the US that we should learn from the pages of Russian history and avoid “excessive intervention in economic activity and blind faith in the state’s omnipotence” (aka Socialism).  Ironic?!?  It would be funny if it weren’t so damn sad!

Our founding fathers are rolling in their grave, and Karl Marx is laughing it up!  Didn’t we fight a Cold War the past half century to defend capitalism and prevent the spread of communism?  The USSR fell apart while the US triumphed, making us world’s lone superpower.  It’s only ironic that the US turned more socialist as if it was following some pages out of a tragic novel where the hero has a fall from grace.  After fighting for so long against evil, the hero has the chance to vanquish it forever and follow the path of righteousness, but then is corrupted by power (think Lord of the Rings). 

If there’s an old moral to the story it’s that power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely.  Many of our most righteous men entering the political machine become corrupted by the power they hold, using it to coerce and control other people.  But a true righteous leader will have the courage to resist the temptation of power.  This is NOT what’s happening today when the president’s power is ever increasing.  Does this mean we are we having more and more corrupted people becoming our leaders?  Not necessarily.  One reason is that the other parts of our government, especially the legislative branch (Congress), have decided to be negligent in their responsibilities and no longer keep the executive branch in check.  For example, the Congress no longer takes responsibility when deciding whether or not we should go to war and has given that power to the president, albeit unconstitutionally.  In addition, our Congress used to have the power to coin money, but now that power’s been delegated to the Federal Reserve, a private institution owned by bankers, with little to no government association or accountability. 

Besides Congress losing more of their testicular fortitude, it’s also our fault as the people of the United States in allowing the government to gain more power while sacrificing our rights and liberties.  Our founding fathers went to war for independence and freedom after the English king raised the taxes on their tea, arguing against “taxation without representation.”  Now we allow unelected officials to create new laws and taxes, the Fed gets away with printing more and more money every day causing inflation (a hidden and insidious tax), and we’re okay with the government invading our privacy as long as it makes us feel safer.  Yes, our country become’s sickeningly complacent. 

Now, how do we fix this mess?  Should we be choosing better politicians?  Not necessarily!  Our politicians are only human, not saints like we wish they were.  Therefore, what we should be doing is working to lessen their power.  That way if we get some terrible people elected every now and then it won’t matter when their power is limited.  Then most people won’t have to worry about always having to choose the “lesser of two evils” in every election (a terrible way to vote) and can focus on principled people. 

To achieve this goal we need to work to “downsize DC” as a popular website, Downsize DC, encourages people to do.  When people realize that freedom is necessary and paramount, they will then realize that this means limiting government.  The power should be with the people, not with the few.  Although freedom comes with great responsibility (unfortunately this means no free handouts from Big Brother), I’m hopeful that it’s still in the hearts of many Americans since this was our heritage and has been passed down in our bloodstream.  I’m hopeful that this Freedom Movement spreads the coming years like a wildfire, and that people learn to appreciate it once again before it’s too late.


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