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What if YOU were president?

I recently found a fun new website called http://whitehouse2.org.  This site allows you to vote on the nation’s top priorities as if you were president by choosing to either endorse or oppose certain policies that are submitted by users.  You can see how many people voted to endorse or not endorse certain issues, and then you can find talking points to support your stance just as if you were practicing to be a real politician.  According to the website, “The more people who endorse a priority, the higher it rises in the charts. The more people who join the network, the more clout we will have with the President and the media.”  Kind of a grandiose plan to think it can influence Obama in his first 100 days of office, but in reality it appears to be another social networking site with a political bent.  But what’s the best part?  Getting to argue with people who are stupid! (ie. believing in the Patriot Act, Military Commissions Act of 2006, ect.).  For instance, here’s an argument I got in with someone when  I posted a bulletin on why we should “Legalize ALL drugs”:

bandito (endorses) 1 day ago

With freedom comes responsibility. People should chose whatever they want to put into their body as long as it doesn’t harm anyone else. If they infringe on other people’s rights when they are high/drunk, fine, punish them under the law. But in principle, victimless crimes are ridiculously pointless.

nordwind 22 hours ago

You cannot say legalize date-rape drug. So, this is not really going to work the way it reads: “all” drugs.

bandito (endorses) 14 hours ago

Are you serious?? If a person is hellbent on raping someone, don’t you think they’ll figure out a way no matter if it’s legal or not? (by either buying the ruffie on the black market, using force, ect). Hell, chloraform and sleeping pills are legal and can be easily abused to drug someone. With freedom comes responsibility sir. You can’t prevent bad people from doing bad things no matter how many things you make illegal. People will still figure out a way. I hurt myself the other day by hitting my finger with the hammer. Should we make hammers illegal now because they can hurt someone?

nordwind 11 hours ago

People, I am sure, will do whatever they figure they can get away with. My issue is not with that, my concern is with the statement about saying: “legalize all drugs.” You cannot say legalize all drugs because then we/I would be saying that date-rape is ok, it is not. (because it would be included in all the drugs). Even if people are responsible, I am not going to accept the statement to legalize all drugs, maybe some of them.

bandito (endorses) 10 hours ago

“You cannot say legalize all drugs because then we/I would be saying that date-rape is ok, it is not”

This is a non sequitur fallacy (ie. your conclusion does not follow from its premises). Legalizing all drugs doesn’t have anything to do with saying date rape is okay. It’s saying that people should have the power to make their own decisions. What you want, nordwind, is for the government to control people. I want freedom.

nordwind 10 hours ago

Well, I am not in favor of legalizing “all” drugs.

You cannot attribute stuff that I did not say, you cannot say that I want the government to control people. That is your interpretation.

nordwind 9 hours ago

Types of date-rape drugs

“Two drugs often referred to as date-rape drugs are GHB, also known as gamma-hydroxybutyric acid, and benzodiazepines (such as flunitrazepam, also known as Rohypnol or “roofies”)”


bandito (endorses) 6 hours ago

Certain people commit crimes and hurt others with or without chemicals. That’s reality. You are not going to create a utopian world by denying people a natural right to self-ownership, to ingest whatever one wishes into ones own body (not put a drug into someone else’s body…this is not what this discussion is about!).

nordwind 5 hours ago

What you say is correct, I have no problem with that. My only concern here, specific to this discussion, is that I am not going to go on the record as advocating the legalization of all drugs.

( “Legalize All Drugs” is what this discussion is about. I am not endorsing the legalization of all drugs, for reasons stated previously.)



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